Sell the internet? WTF?????? Update 12 16 17

Posted by GeorgeBarry on December 12, 2017 Uncategorized | | No comments

Can you Imagine an internet that runs slower? Slower for you. Slower for your business? Well that’s what the head of the FCC would like to do. Ajit Pai (head of the FCC) wants to change the internet (they call this “Net Neutrality”) so that the highest payer gets the highest speed. Basically, privatize the internet. Call or write the FCC TODAY. The vote is in 2 DAYS! We stopped this once before. We can do it again. No joke. Do it..PLEASE!!!!!

Update: 12 14 Ajit Pai (head of the FCC) passed the bill allowing the US Internet to “sell” the Internet.  Not good.   I expect the Telecom companies to slow certain content, and to ask to to pay more for what you already pay waaay to much for.

We have some small hope however. Eric Schneiderman (and a few others) are trying to block all of this in court. I hope they succeed. Watch this space and my Facebook account for any updates on this vital issue.  I am very concerned about a nation that has it’s mass communication controlled by companies and not it’s citizens.