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This is a review of George Barry and his brother at Jason Vineyards. George was part of the monthly Long Island Jazz on the Vine promotion. The Long Island Vineyards in an attempt to bolster attendance during the dreary winter months have live music to complement the various terrific wines available for tasting. This was our first time seeing George and it won’t be our last. He played terrific music ranging from …

Glen Campbell’s Wichita Lineman (my favorite of Glen’s) to America to Neil Young, Billy Joel and so on. He willingly solicited requests from the crowd, but I preferred to see what his choices would be and was not disappointed in any of his selections. He strategically placed plastic Easter egg shakers on the tops of the wine barrels (doubling as tables) to have the audience add a little percussion to their music. My wife and I met George personally during one of his breaks and got to chat about his history and some Beach Boy history and music. Terrific, personable guy. The mix of great music with terrific wines was an unbeatable combination. Check out his website www.GeorgeBarry.Net for his upcoming gigs.
-Bill G. from Plainview

GB note: Thanks Bill!!!! Glad you liked Us!